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SubjectRe: routing (sendmail?) problem
On 22 Jun 1996, Thomas Quinot wrote:

> Franco ( écrit :
> > 1) I'd like my computer to send outbound mail as soon as a ppp connection
> > is estabilished (for obvious money saving reasons), but it doesn't
> Just put "sendmail -q" in your /etc/ppp/ip-up script.

You might want an '&' after that, it will keep running until all the mail
has had one go at being delivered (ie it's either delivered, or this
attempt failed).

> 2) sendmail tries to send mail directly to the receiving hosts, so if the host
> > is far/slow it can take a lot of time (even more if it's down :-)
> Declare your ISP's mail host as your samrt-host. Using Sendmail's M4 config
> kit :
> define(`SMART_HOST', relay:[])dnl
> where is the IP address of your ISP's mail host.

Hmm, you might want to try and mail directly, and have your ISP's mailhost
as a fallback MX host. DNS MX records have a priority, and they are tryed
in order from the highest to the lowest priority (ie 10 then 20 then 30
...), what this does is take your ISP's mail host, and consider it as if
it was returned as a MX record with a very low priority (eg 100+)

You may not want to do this, but it will make you fairly immune to your
ISP's mail host going down (and reduce the load on it, if every one who
can, delivers there own, that's lots of mail that your ISP dosn't have to

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