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SubjectVC corruption, easy to reproduce with 2.0.0 to 2.0.0pl2

If I start up zgv in one VC, and have slrn in another, and switch between
them quickly, the svgalib screen will return to a blank text screen, but
using the key to exit zgv will cause zgv to exit. slrn has to refresh
its screen, but then it is viewable.

This is with kernel 2.0.0pl2, a unofficial kernel, with the following

gcc 2.7.2p optimizations in makefile
printk buffers reduced by one half
pentium memcpy()
faster irq code
fixed loopback device

Jeff Johnson GCS d- s: !a C+++ UA++(+++) P+ L+ E---- W+++ N+++(+++++) K- w(+) O(-)
KE4QWX M- V-(--) PS+ PE Y++ PGP+++(+++++) t- 5 X+++(+++++) R tv+ b++ DI-- D G++ e* !h r y?
Nerdity Test = 66% Hacker Test = 45%
1024/3397E001 1995/06/10 5B 92 8B 34 84 E9 42 26 DC FB F7 C4 1E 0E 80 29

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