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SubjectRe: arp: SIOCSARP: No such device
really ( wrote:
: arp -s 00:C0:DF:49:9F:66 dev eth0 pub

The above Syntax is not yet valid (as of net-tools-1.32-alpha) it will work
with 1.33-alpha:

arp -i eth0 -s 00:C0:DF:49:9F:66 pub

: : PS: Yes the device guessing needs some improvement...
: Device guessing for proxy entries works when
: you have only one arpable interface. If you have more than one such
: interface, kernel cannot read your thoughts :-), so that
: you must specify device explicitly.

The Kernel can compare the Hardware addresses if no interface is specified
and set the entry for the device which matches the HW-address, since this
will be the right interface in 98%.

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