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SubjectRe: When? 64-Bit lseek()?
Thanks for your note Harald! So how "standard" is this? Anyone know?
The man page doesn't betray much (re: POSIX) and also suggests that the
call is limited to 4GB file sizes. I am curious about:

(1) What is the current standard/proposal for 64-bits in POSIX-land?
(the prototype is sufficient for my purposes, don't need all the spec)

(2) What is the current status of 64-bits in POSIX-land?

(3) Anyone know what the expected adoption timeframe by POSIX is?

Harald Koenig wrote:
> > A couple of years ago, I asked the question about having large files
> > (that is 64-bits of addressability). Now that the POSIX definitions are
> > getting close to being real, (and I haven't ever seen them), what is the
> > replacement for lseek(2)? I see that the iNTEL version of linux doesn't
> > go past 32 bits at present, but many current disks are close.
> i386 Linux has a llseek() system call which is used e.g. by fdisk-2.0
> to partition disks >2GB (I've already tested a 4.5G disk, no problem;
> and there are quite a number of nice 9+ GB SCSI disks around; unfortunately
> neither belongs to me :-(
> Harald
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