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SubjectRe: GAMMA: a Network Of Workstation based on Active Messages and Linux

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Giuseppe Ciaccio wrote:

> Hi guys,
> we are currently developing a parallel machine based on the NOW
> (Network Of Workstation) architecture and on the Active Message communication
> paradigm. Its name is GAMMA (Genoa Active Message MAchine).
> As for other similar projects, the main idea is to use
> cheap off-the-shelf components, whose performances are not that bad nowadays,
> and to exploit their capabilities as much as possible, with particular attention
> to the exploitation of communication hardware performances (mainly low latency,
> since bandwidth is still quite poor and doesn't scale, at least for low-end
> products).
> will provide you with more info.
> Any pointer to similar work, as well as any suggestion and constructive
> criticism, is welcome.

Hello Giuseppe!

Have you looked at the Beowulf project? It looks to have remarkably
similar objectives to your own.
It is at
I found it to be fascinating reading.

Eric Hoeltzel

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