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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone?
> > I am running linux on the 120Mhz Cyrix-6x86 (P150+).  THe Cyrix gives
> > me bogomips of 119.6 which about reflects the 4-5x speedup I see
> > compared to my old 486dx2-66. (Sorry I have no Pentiums to compare it
> > to.) The compilation of a kernel setup whose final zImage is ~500k
> > (compiled with "make dep clean zImage") takes ~11 minutes on the
> > otherwise mostly idle system with 32Mb ram and no swap.
> My Pentium-166 with 32Mb EDO and 512kb PB cache gets 66.15 BogoMips
> and does 'make dep clean zlilo modules modules_install' in under
> 10 minutes (approx 9:30).
> I think this shows how BOGUS BogoMips are :-)
Like the multiplier for the i486's is x2 (a DX4/100 will get roughly 50
bogomips) I have found the penitums get a x2.5 (a 166MHZ pentium gets
around a 66 bogomips rating). BoboMips are just for a timing loop. I would
suggest a real benchmark for benchmarking purposes.


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