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SubjectRe: Boot Ideas, (Was Re:Boot messages.)
On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Jacob Praamsma wrote:

> Among the 350 or so e-mail messages I got today :<
> Someone wrote me that I they had read that ms-dos (Win95)
> stores it's boot screen in a file that's partially true! But the fact is,
> they tricked you!
> What happens is that after MS-DOS finds the partitons and
> mounts them (yes it does do that). It scans the root directory
> of all assigned drives, aside from A: and B:, for a file called Logo.sys
> this is a custom boot-image. However, if you format your hard drive
> and leave nothing on it, then reboot your system. You'll find that Windows
> still displays "Starting Windows 95" as a graphic! Hence it is inside IO.SYS
> and since it is 39K or so that is why IO.SYS is 250K

Ah, this explains the %@&*! Windows 95 graphic which flashes when I
start dosemu!


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