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SubjectRe: Trouble with loading dosemu moduel
In article <> you write:
>I am having trouble loading my dosemu module after compliling dosemu
>with linux 2.0.0 (I have had this trouble with other kernels).
>When I try to load the module with the script supplied it says
>something like
>'kernel 2.0.0 does not match 2.0.0' (that is not exact but something
>like that).
>Does anyone know how to solve this.

Do you also get load of messages saying "Symbol 'gcc2_compiles.' not
defined" or such?

You probably need to upgrade your modutils (insmod etc.) from the
modules-2.0.0 package. This can be found on funet in the same
directory as the 2.0 kernel sources. This will get rid of these
messages and allow the module to be loaded, but see also about
insmod-HACKER_TOOL below.

(As a quick hack, you could try stripping the module object files:
./dosemu/emumod/emumodule.o and ./dosemu/syscallmgr/syscallmgr.o)

If you're using vanilla 0.60.4, you may also like to try applying
ALPHA/dosemu/dosemu-0.60.4-for-1.3.90.patch.gz file, on
in the Linux directories. You will certainly want to obtain and
install insmod-2.0.0-HACKER_TOOL.tgz, since the version of insmod that
dosemu requires (and will build and install as part of the dosemu
build process) is slightly different from the version in the standard
module-x.x.x packages.


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