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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone?
Joel Squire wrote:
> >>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew E Mileski <> writes:
> >> > Since the Cyrix is sooped-up 386 that get Pentium performance,
> >> and not a > Pentium clone, this will probably not help. In fact it
> >> may not even work. > But what the heck, try it and see, if you
> >> have the time to play that is.
> >>
> >> The M1 is a souped up 386? Somehow when I read the chip review, it
> >> did not seem that simple but I guess I was wrong.
> Andrew> Umm, what makes you think Cyrix wants to advertise this fact?
> Umm, well as far as I know, the 6x86 could best be described as a
> souped up 486. It does support the extra 486 instructions.

This thread really belongs in a hardware-related topic, but in an
attempt to clarify matters I suggest taking a look at the recent PC Mag
article on 3rd-Party CPU's. The 6x86 is "Pentium-enough" to be a
drop-in replacement on Intel motherboards. 'Nuff said?

- Steve

|Steven N. Hirsch "Anything worth doing is worth |
|University of Vermont overdoing.." - Hunter S. Thompson |
|Computer Science / EE |

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