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SubjectLinux 2.0.0 NCR scsi instability
	I get all sorts of interesting error messages, like scsi commands
timing out, resetting scsi bus, and so on when I run the Linux 2.0.0
kernel on my ASUS P/I-P55TP4XE Pentium motherboard with an NCR53c810
SCSI controller on an SC-200 plug-in PCI card. These messages are
followed by some disk corruption. Under 1.99.7, I do not have these
problems. I will try to narrow the problem down to a specific kernel
version number shortly.

Also, somewhere around 1.3.50, the NCR scsi driver under Linux
developed similar problems with a number our ASUS 486 motherboards that
have the 53c810 scsi controller built into the motherboard. I think
this may have happened when the main Linux distributions upgraded to
"rel 17" of the NCR SCSI driver.

Adam J. Richter Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
(408) 261-6630 "Free Software For The Rest of Us."

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