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SubjectRe: Console as terminal on serial port
>>>>> "mm" == Michael Mansour <> writes:

mm> On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Mark Buckaway wrote:

>> "Michael Mansour said:"
>> >
>> >Just configure a getty in /etc/inittab to access a dumb terminal via null
>> >modem serial cable. Use mgetty, it handles it well.
>> Ah, not as easy are you think. Getty runs AFTER the system is booted.
>> Thus, all boot time stuff from LILO until getty is not seen.

mm> If you want to see it, just use dmesg after you login to the dumb
mm> terminal.

Assuming it completed it booting. I have an application that puts a
Sparc 20 in an unmanned vehicle without a monitor or keyboard. I have
used the serial port to diagnose booting problems.

And while everyone doesn't need this capability, a serial console
would be very useful in real-time applications.


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