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SubjectRe: Distributions with 2.0 yet?
> 	Does anyone know of distributions (slackware, redhat, caldera)
> that have a 2.0 kernel standard, w/ all the utilities that go
> with it yet?

Yes, Debian 1.1, which was just release on Monday, uses a 2.0.0 kernel.
Checking the versions of the utilities listed in the
Documentation/Changes file of the source distribution, I see that it
has current versions of all the utilities except gpm (version 1.06
instead of 1.09) and termcap (Debian has chosen to support ncurses and
terminfo instead of termcap. There is a termcap compatability library
for non-terminfo binaries).

I do not use gpm, so I cannot state if there is any problems with the use of the older version.

Buddha Buck
"Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so the strength of our
liberty depends upon the chaos and cacaphony of the unfettered speech
the First Amendment protects." -- A.L.A. v. U.S. Dept. of Justice

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