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SubjectRe: Console as terminal on serial port

Hi Mark,

> Out of curiousity, has anyone done any work on configuring
> the kernel to boot up and use a serial port as the console?

Just configure a getty in /etc/inittab to access a dumb terminal via null
modem serial cable. Use mgetty, it handles it well.

> I'd like to role a router out of linux, but would like to have
> the console as a terminal. This may sound silly, but it saves $60-$150
> on a monitor and video card and the serial port can be connected to
> another system on my network (yea, I'm cheap).

What's silly about it? Dumb terminals have saved the system here on many
occasions when the local tty's buggered up from X or DOSEMU or whatever,
I can always log into the dumb terminal and kill the processes that
caused the stuff-ups.

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