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SubjectRe: packages and the kernel (long, sorry...)
On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> >>>>> "Ray" == Ray Auchterlounie <> writes:
> Ray> I think I remember reading an announcement of a package to do
> Ray> exactly this, not long ago on one of the c.o.l groups
> Ray> somewhere. Came from someone at yggdrasil I think.
> I would very much like to know of this Yggdrasil software, if anyone
> cares to let me in on the secret...

Before I got round to figuring out how to dig it up, it's been helpfully
reannounced on comp.os.linux.announce. For those that haven't seen it
already, message details:

From: (Adam J. Richter)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: logwrites 1.1 -- A transparent mechanism for logging
installation of files
Message-ID: <>


Ray Auchterlounie Research Student (still) at:
<> Signal Processing Group
<> Cambridge University Engineering Dept.
"Don't ask me about my thesis (TM)"

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