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    SubjectRe: Distributions with 2.0 yet?
       From: Jared Mauch <>
    Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 14:29:14 -0400 (EDT)

    Does anyone know of distributions (slackware, redhat, caldera)
    that have a 2.0 kernel standard, w/ all the utilities that go
    with it yet?

    Debian and Redhat are the two distributions that I know that are using
    the 2.0 kernel. Debian-1.1 comes with the 2.0 Kernel in its base

    With RedHat, you have to install the Redhat 3.0.3 distribution, and then
    grab approximately 10 RPM packages to upgrade to the 2.0 kernel. All
    you have to do is grab all of the files in:

    Just put them in a directory, say /tmp/upgrade, and then run
    "rpm --upgrade *". Quite easy!

    - Ted

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