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SubjectRe: 2.0.0 crashes solved [patch]

> You have got to be kidding. The patch you just listed seems to
> be a null-operation (i.e. it transforms the code into something that is
> functionally identical before and after the patch).
Ok, so please explain why the machine is running with this,
but not without it.
> I know this patch was needed for 1.2.13, but the original problem
> does not exist in 2.0 anymore (as can be seen from the patch).
If this patch is really a null operation, why it is needed in 1.2.13 ?
2.0 ist not free of bugs, last night i ran over one bug which should
be fixed since 1.3.89 but at some rare conditions it seems that it
may bug again.
The patch helped us a lot so i posted it.


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