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Now that I've implemented the loop encryption thingy, how hard
would it be to implement it into the VFS? And at what level?

1) I would like it implemented so low that even the file system is
encrypted. But I presume this would mean doing it on the /dev/hda?
level. Is that even possible?

2) What about implemented it on an inode level? We could have an ioctl
that says "Encrypted this inode". Of course, this would be

3) Would encrypting it on a directory level be the same as #2? You
have to forgive my lack of understanding of the internals of the
kernel. I've been mildly hacking for a year now and am still amazed as
to what i don't know.

4) Finally, what about encrypting it on the fs level? The layout of
the fs would be visible without decrypting, but the contents would
still be encrypted. I presume this would be the EASIEST way.


Nicholas J. Leon
"Elegance through Simplicity"

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