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SubjectRe: A Humble Suggestion for 2.0/2.1
On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> We already had a code freeze, around 1.3.40?? However, it didn't take, much
> like the two aborted code freezes in the 1.1 tree, and for much the same
> reason -- too many new features were under development. If we had done the
> freeze then, the features we have now in 2.0 (and it's a really impressive
> list of features, don't forget that) would have been delayed for a month of
> code freeze and another month of reintegration into the (then) 1.5
> development tree. Which means that people who need the new features would
> have to fight with instable development kernels.

Well it's an argument for makeing releases of the last stable release
with stablised drivers from the current devlopment kernel (ie with 1.3.x,
as soon as driver 'a' is stable, intergrate it into 1.2.y)
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