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SubjectMany zombies with kernel 2.0.0 ?!!?!


I have upgraded a machine from 1.99.14 to 2.0.0, and now I get after few
hours of run tens of zoombies in all king of processes: bash, sendmail,
procmail, pine, etc. It seems that just after some time, every process
which is running on that machine gets in the zombie status. The funny
thing is that I have an exactly the same HW configuration, also 2.0.0, on
another machine, much more loaded, and I don't have any problems with
that one. Both are running the same binaries no config differences
besides IP/hostname and user accounts.

So, how can that be ? Reverting to 1.99.14 on the machine with problems
fixes all this.

Cristian Gafton
Cristian Gafton, SysAdm
Computers & Communications Center
35 Moara de Foc St., Iasi 6600, ROMANIA
Winning isn't everything ... but wanting to win is.

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