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SubjectRe: SCSI device numbering (was: Re: Ideas for v2.1
> 	Note that with the current system, there can be a maximum of 16 disk
> drives (since 16 * 16 partitions = 256 = max minor number). Clearly a larger
> dev_t is needed, no matter how we do it. We need to somehow agree on how
> large this needs to be, and *then* we need to fix the filesystems so that
> they store a dev_t that is this large.

Personally I find moving to a 64-bit (or whatever) dev_t a silly issue
to squabble over. Just do it already! :-) If we need a new fs type
like ext3, then LET'S GET ON WITH IT! Sheesh! :-)

I don't fully grok the fs code yet, so I'm ignorant as heck. Though what
I do know lead me to believe this would be doable in a very short
period of time. I'm sure it will cause some trouble in the short term,
but the LONG TERM is what we (linux people) need to keep an eye on.

Call me a stubborn optimist when it comes to Linux, but I think any
obstacle we set our minds to can be overcome! :-)

Andrew E. Mileski My home page
Linux Plug-and-Play Project Leader. See URL

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with Red Hat Software, and I have never used any of their products.

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