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SubjectRe: Why RedHat distribution.
On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, hab wrote:

> Why do I ask that on the Kernel list?
> This is where I first heard of it.
> I am interested in Kernel developers views.
> Linus uses it on at least one machine.
> A kernel without compatible software isn't worth much.
> I have seen criticism here about non free software.
> I can't seem to get on the RedHat mailing list.
> Others who follow this list like me are interested in Why people we respect are
> using it?
> I've tried it and have mixed feelings about it.
> PRO's Cons
> RPM where is Packages.rpm
> Current Doesn't recognize VFAT
> Install init custom Where is Install init Source
> Source and Binaries Availble Can't use them without Packages.rpm
> I would like to use it but right now I am feeling bullied into buying a book
> with it's outlandish $5.95 shipping charge.
> Hubert Bahr

You may also want to look into Debian Linux. Look at

Note, I have not tried RedHat so I am not saying Debian is /better/... But I
think Debian is /good/.

"You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike."

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