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SubjectRe: Simple, effective boot graphic (fwd)

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, root wrote:

> [snip]
> The bootup image must not interfere with the boot messages.
> The code must be small and effecient.
> It must work with ANY display.
> Here's my simple crude solution:
It must? Sounds like one must implement it? =)
But you're right about the facts about bootup images...

> [snip]
> If a suitable card IS detected, it would save the current vid. mode, quickly
> set the pallet and display the image then wait for a key to be hit or for a
> timer (or even a delay loop.. ick) to time out.. then it would do a quick and
> simple fade out, return to the previous video mode, load the kernel
> section of the joined file over the pcx file and load just as the current
> system does.

Wait for a keystroke is a dumb idea, just imagine you wanting
to remote-boot your machine or something. Timer? Well, that means I
have to stare at a penguin (clouds?) for 10 seconds instead of booting
right into the OS? Eh-Eh. This can be done in user-space, so why not
do it? Or have an optional kernel-patch for all the people who
really want it? Oh, and the only cool way to do this would be to
have the logo up in a corner, and have the bootup messages scroll
by at the same time, but that would be a little impractical from
the coding perspective.. --> kernel bloat with unnecessary stuff =(



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