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Subject[PATCH] DES/IDEA Encryption
I've managed to hack my way into implementing both IDEA and DES
encryption into the loop driver.

For those of you inside the United States, you can pick up a copy of
these patches at

There are several important files:
Contains all the kernel patches for both encryption types.
Contains support for the IDEA type in mount/losetup
Places and fixes some stub code in drivers/block/loop.c. I hope
that Linus will include this in the next release. It contains
no encryption code itself. But MUST be in place before you
apply the next two:
Implements the DES routines
Implements the IDEA routines

Once again, I will remind everyone that only citizens of the united
states may retrieve the DES/IDEA patches as they contain encryption
routines that violate my Wonderful Country's Munitions Export Law.

Nicholas J. Leon
"Elegance through Simplicity"

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