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SubjectRe: amd stoped crashing
> I got amd 102 running with a net file system a long time ago on linux...
> but it sporadically crashed and had to be restarted (pretty much every day).
> Its been running for a week now. Any reason why? (I ran a whole bunch
> of relatively current kernels [1.3.x] on the machine).
Yep. There is at least one bug i know of:
amd breaks when trying to stat()'ing an toplvl-mounted directory.
Common case: filename-expansion under bash/tcsh/zsh. The map-lookup
fails miserably due to uncorrect NFS-replies (NFS_lookup was called
with a NULL argument). unfortunately nobody was able to tell me whether
this is valid or not, so i weren't able to explore any further.

You can work around by simply not trying to make an expansion in the
toplvl-dir and, most notably, _stop updatedb to access an amd-mounted

I'm running amd (my special patched upl102a) for approx 1 year now
without problems.

And yes, if you happen to know some hints on the NFS-stuff (even an
URL to the specs would be helpful), let me know.

Have fun

Hannes Reinecke |
<Hannes.Reinecke@MathI.Uni-Heidelberg.DE> | XVII.: WHAT ?
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