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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
In article <4q8naa$>,
Miquel van Smoorenburg <> wrote:
> Uhm, all VGA cards support redefining the character set right? So why don't
> you just redefine the upper 64 characters and display them in a block
> of 8x8. That way, you will still be in text mode and LILO and the kernel
> can display all debugging messages they want. Ofcourse the kernel should
> reset the characterset just before starting the first user process.

I think this is how some BIOSes put up those cute logos on boot --
you'll notice that they're always gone by the time the OS starts
loading, because it has deleted it and remapped the font back to the
stock charset. But it does limit you to two colors per block. A
two-color image might look ok, or someone with talent and time may
figure out how to put the color breaks on natural lines.
Shields, CrossLink.

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