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SubjectRe: Getting libc-5.3.12 installed
At 21.17 19-06-1996 GMT, George A. van Dorth wrote:
>Hi, there
>sorry for maybe asking again.
>But how do I install libc-5.3.12 in the correct way.
>I've read the README-file etc. but after
> ./configure
> make clean
> make depend
>I'am getting errors that header-files can't be found.
>Please, can someone tell me what the correct install-
>sequence is.
>By the way, I've tried also installing in /usr/src but
>with no succes.
> George


I dont quite know if this has beeen answered before, but i've
installed it to..

(If I understand your problemstatement right, here is the answer!)

Maybe you didnt quite read the docs...

In the docs, it clearly says, that you will have to make sylinks
from /usr/src/linux/../asm-i386 to the installations /include-dir..

So, joining the lot of other peoble on this list, i gotta say: Read
the all the docs !

* *
* :) Dan Bjarno, SeK :) *
* *

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