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SubjectRe: Binary Driver Issues
At 10:15 PM 6/19/96 +0100, you wrote:

>A free bandwidth limiter is on the way anyway so I'd relax about that. Its
>needed to support IP multicast properly so you can declare a multicast path
>to have a given bandwidth

could you copy on who is developing this beast! ;-)
interested in potential of "carving" bandwidth chunks to "hosted" clients.

I realize a lot can be done with subnetting and am doing so. But some
ISPs are paranoid about a machie "hogging" there network. Even a machine
two hops from their primary ethernet has some concerned...Oh well

QUESTION II: For kernel 1.2.13 are dummy modules more efficient
than the Ipalias patch? .... what about the 2.0.0 kernel?
I recall some discussions a while back regarding relative merits. So
far, running 100 IP addresses with dummy modules seems to work well with
a 1.2.13 kernel.


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