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SubjectWhy RedHat distribution.
Why do I ask that on the Kernel list?
This is where I first heard of it.
I am interested in Kernel developers views.
Linus uses it on at least one machine.
A kernel without compatible software isn't worth much.
I have seen criticism here about non free software.
I can't seem to get on the RedHat mailing list.
Others who follow this list like me are interested in Why people we respect are
using it?

I've tried it and have mixed feelings about it.

PRO's Cons
RPM where is Packages.rpm
Current Doesn't recognize VFAT
Install init custom Where is Install init Source
Source and Binaries Availble Can't use them without Packages.rpm

I would like to use it but right now I am feeling bullied into buying a book
with it's outlandish $5.95 shipping charge.

Hubert Bahr

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