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SubjectGoing from 32M to 48M, Linux crawls!
Hi folks,

I just put another 72pin 16Meg SIMM into my machine (memory prices are
rock bottom right now).

When I rebooted, Linux (1.99.9) was dog slow!!! Does anyone have any

I swapped memory chips around, tested memory, everything else I could
think of, but putting in the extra RAM slowed down my machine. The
chips themselves are fine.

I then booted linux with mem=16M and it was fast, and with mem=32M
(the amount I used to have) and it was also fast. Since I haven't
uninstalled the hardware, I'm assuming this is a software problem. I'm
running with 32M (even though I have 48M installed).

Has anyone seen this before? Please, please, please, someone tell me
there's a patch! ;-)


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