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SubjectRe: [no tech content] list moderation
> Kevin M Bealer wrote:
> >
> > A single short 'cap' message would end each thread, ie "Sorry this thread
> > was deemed : off-topic, and has been ended, signed Mister X.".

It makes it somewhat personal and the danger is that 40 people would
reply in that manner.

Wouldn't the simplest response just be to have one person who mails
a mini-FAQ including the scope of linux kernel? That way common questions
are probably answered, alternate venues are suggested and there is no
question of personal attack. It also means that people who know the
answer don't feel impolite for not answering in this forum.

It also means that only one reader will respond, and that response will
be by mail.

A storm of `not on topic' mails is just as off topic.

> IMHO, everyone who is complaining about the junk should get a
> life and learn to use the 'next' button(whatever it may be for your
> mailreader). There is no one on this list who is threatening to break
> your arm if you don't read each and every mail message. I quite
> commonly will skip large sections of the mailing list because I find
> the subject matter to be boring, outside of my own interests, or full
> of spam.

The definition rests with the developers who add value to this list.
If work is needing to be done in private lists then the damage is being
done even if you can't hear it.

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