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SubjectPossible bug in pre-2.0.10
I have received this message twice now since switching to pre-2.0.10 from

Jun 2 16:23:04 seen kernel: icmp: ICMP redirect ignored.
dest = 84F1F813, orig gw = C0A80102, "new" gw = 800A0C10, device = lo.

This is given after the PPP connection (to SLiRP) locks up and I attempt
to ping the host I am connected to.

The second time I received it I had just finished a game of Netrek using
an UDP connection. I attempted to call up the Netrek Metaserver without
any window popping up (it is expected). I then ping the remote host
SLiRP is running on and find ping is not working.

I am running ppp-2.2.0f and libc-5.3.12.

I am assuming the message above is the result of something failing in the
kernel concerning the network.


P.S. If more info is needed, feel free to ask.

Sean C. Farley
PGP 2.6.2 key using finger or WWW
WWW Homepage is:

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