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SubjectRe: Hitachi IDE 4X CD-ROM cdr-7730
Robert J Migliore <> writes:

> Excerpts from internet.computing.linux-kernel: 31-May-96 Hitachi IDE 4X
> CD-ROM cdr-7.. by "C.H. Chang"@tknet.tku.e
> > Because my original cd-rom driver "NEC 4X CD-ROM CDR-273"is breakdown
> ,I want
> > to buy a new CD-ROM driver.
> > I am considering to buy "Hitachi IDE 4X cdr-7730"!
> > Does anyone have a Hitachi 4X IE CD-ROM CDR-7730?
> > Could it run well under LiNUX?
> > Is anyone has this device,how about tell me its performance?
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
> i had a teac cd-56e 6x ide and i added a hitachi cdr-7730 4x. Just
> plugged it in and made the mount point. compile for ide cdrom drives
> and you are set. i have had no problems with it - havent used it too
> much though. i only paid $65 for it. you know, its a four speed..
> Rob Migliore | |

i bought a PIONEER DR-UA24X 4X ide for only $38

150 ms random access time and a 128k bufer

those number beet some of the 6X speed drives I have seen advertised... i
runs fine on 1.99.5... i am behind the times i know....


-- (james diekens)
The Tech BBS +1 408 279 7199 San Jose, CA

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