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SubjectRe: Bug Report -- SCSI controller freeze-up
  Date: 	Sun, 02 Jun 1996 00:23:14 -0400
From: "Anthony R." <>

Symptom: System becomes unusable, after a few hours or days.
Cannot be rebooted using alt-cntl-del.
Must be power-cycled.

Error Messages: SCSI controller frozen (etc.) Re-trying (etc.)

Kernel: at least 1.3.84 and above (I'll explain below)

My system: 133MHZ Pentium PC
Buslogic BT946C SCSI controller
2 SeaGate Barracuda 2GB SCSI disks
1 scsi cdrom
1 Exabyte 8mm SCSI tape drive
1 soundcard
64 MB memory

Comments: I have been running 1.3.20 with NO SCSI PROBLEMS.
When I updated to 1.3.84, the problem first occurred.
1.3.100 has the same problem. Because I went from
20 to 84, I can't pinpoint when the bug was first

I'm afraid it's reasonably likely you are not looking at a kernel bug. The
transition from 1.3.20 to any recent kernel implies you went from using the
obsolete and rather slow BusLogic driver to my newer and much faster one. This
has turned up SCSI problems in some systems as the devices are being pushed
much harder than ever before. The first thing to do is try booting with the
command line "BusLogic=TQ:Disable" which will turn off tagged queuing and
cripple the performance of the new driver. See if a recent kernel like
2.0pre10 is stable then. Also, please send me a copy of the new driver's
startup messages, and more details of the lockup. It's quite possible you've
hit a firmware bug in the BT-946C that's been fixed for quite some time. If
so, a firmware update is definitely in order.


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