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Subjectpre2.0.10 got TCP working
To be truthfull, I wasn't sure that there was anything
really wrong until about last week -- and now that I had
time to test things, 2.99.10 got things working.

Basically at BIG TCP-stream transfers (100 - 400 MB at
a time!) I got breaks at the transfers over ethernet.
(Runtime generated streams, and thus only 100-300 kB/s)

I had also gotten spodaric reports that FTP from
over slow SLIP/PPP links has tendency to break after about
15 minutes time, and when I did network traces, I could not
find anything wrong...

However it didn't always (I recall) take 15 minutes to get
a break at the FTP data-stream, nor with my test-streams
either. As the last changes were about TCP timers, that
was the bug then. (..perhaps..)

Things are improving :-)

/Matti Aarnio <>

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