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Subjectkernel panic with initrd

Hi !

There is a bug somewhere in the initrd stuff. Reproduceable by using the
following script as /linuxrc. Basically it does the following (it is a
part from a script which tries automatic root-fs detection):
- mount /proc
- mount the real root filesystem, checks for some files and umounts it
- sets the real root fs using /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev
- umounts /proc and continues boot.
Now the kernel reports succesfull mount of root-fs and succesfull umount
of the initrd. Next is a message from ll_rw_blk, telling someone tried to
read from block-device 00:00, followed by a ext2-panic becauce it can't
read a inode block (from 00:00 too).

Seems mounting the filesystem cauces the problem, accessing the root-fs
in a different way (fsck for example, check root fs *before* mounting it :-)
works without problems.


export PATH TERM


mount -t proc hello /proc
mount -t ext2 $ROOT /mnt
test -d /mnt/proc -a -d /mnt/sbin -a -f /mnt/sbin/fstab
umount /mnt
echo $DEV > /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev
umount /proc

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