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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist (Yes more!)

Hmm... I've been asking around about this and no one knows
anything about it so I thought I'd tell you my idea. I was wondering if
anyone out there would find this useful? I was thinking a nice feature
might be to have something to adjust the given bandwidth of an
application.. Something sort of like top and nice for looking after
network connections..
I hope this gets my message accross.. my brain seems a little
thick right now.. I know there's a name for it.. line balancing or
something.. anyway. Make the top-like app so that you can see how much
bandwidth each process is using, and then allow you to adjust it.. Of
course each user could only adjust his own processes and root could
change any he/she felt necessary.
I would assume kernel support would be necessary for this, as
well as the user apps.

Anyway.. Let me know what you think!! Useful?


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