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Subjectunprecise report: lockups when using loopback
It won't be a precise report but I couln't spend more time on finding
what exactly is wrong.

I tried to use yard-1.4 (tool for creating safety floppies - it
(1) mounts a filesystem, populates it with most important binaries,
(2) checks it, (3) compresses and writes kernel and compressed fs to
one floppy) with loopback (instead of normal RAM disk). It locked
up my machine few times. I got two more less immediate lockups in
3rd stage ( Recently also in the firts stage
( - it stopped while writing, my ls on the mounted
loopback fs was stopped in 'D' state; the system was running normally
for some time and then, after few minutes it locked, i.e. I could only
switch consoles, nothing else. I'm suspecting that even just writing
to loopback mounted fs is causing these strange efects.

The OS is 2.0.0 of course, i586 60 MHz, 16 MB RAM, NE2000-like PCI,
SMC Ultra, NCR53c815 PCI, MICROP 2217-15MQ1001901 1.7 GB, Cyclom-Y/ISA
8 port, buggy RZ1000 interface: not enabled.

Rafal Maszkowski
Opinia publiczna powinna byc zaalarmowana swoim nieistnieniem - St. J. Lec

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