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SubjectModeration of linux-kernel
In message <>,
>The thread regarding ET Technologies and its business practices in the
>Linux market and other commercial companies in the Linux market will
>stop now. The thread has turned into a flamefest. Any mesages posted
>to the thread will result in the poster going on my probation
>list. Any other posts by that same person will result in an immediate
>unsubscribe and ban.

I was under the mistaken impression that this was still an unmoderated list,
with a rather loose charter. Since it's not, I'd like to point out that
the other off-subject (ie, unsubscribe, user-land, etc.) messages are a
lot more plentiful than the ET thread, and at least as anoying. Please
be uniform in your moderation and do something about them too, find a
new moderator who will, or restore the list to its previous unmoderated

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