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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
> "Dwight Hubbard" <> writes:
> > > > To bad we can't make Lilo put up a graphical picture like Windows
> > > > 95 does. Maybe a nice winter scene with Penguins frolicking in
> > > > the
> > >
> > > You can. What makes you think its hard. Take up thy sources and
> > > hack
> >
> > Actually I have been archiving all the sugestions to see if I
> > couldn't implement the better ones.
> >
> > Somehow, I think adding code to lilo to put up a picture is going to
> > be a lot less work then the fancy colorized boot messages and tables
> > that are being suggested...
> > Dwight Hubbard
> Why add it to lilo? Why not have a graphics viewer throw up the
> screen while your init scripts run? Just put it first in your rc
> scripts. Certainly not as nice as the lilo hack, but a lot easier to
> implement quickly. You'd still see the kernel messages, but the init
> messages would be hidden from the end user.

I think a nice lilo addition would be a nicer touch, somewhere
a cross between the Sun bootup image and the win95 boot image, the code
to display an image in 320x200x256 mode is only going to take a mere
handful of bytes to do in assembler, bypassing the problem someone else
brought up regarding fitting it in the boot sector... It would be perfect
to add support so hitting esc kicks you back to the text mode, and even
a lilo.conf option, (ie bootimage=y) would be handy... Just my $0.02 though..


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