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SubjectRe: Undelete in user space
Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Tim Towers wrote:
> [much stuff about user space solutions deleted]
> You can do it that way, but you can't then have saved files discarded to
> free space, when it's needed.

Excuse me for jumping in in the middle of a discussion.

Undelete is a completely userspace implementable thing:
your libc's unlink call should be substituted by something that
renames the file to some /.wastebasket instead of simply
using the system's unlink system call.

A deamon can watch the filesystem freespace, and delete
files from /.wastebasket (using a local copy of the
unlink system call..... :-) on an as-needed basis.

The problem is that I'd configure the deamon to leave say
5Mb of space free. At that moment "df" becomes useless,
because it will always say "5.xx Mb free space". while
actually I'd want to add in /.wastebasket.....

But this is also easily fixed in userspace.....


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