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SubjectReboot - results in unable to detect run level
In the last couple of weeks I have run into problems with
rebooting the machine. Sometimes the result of typing
reboot at the root prompt results in a message that the
root level cannot be determined and that a hard reset
will be performed instead. First I thought that the reason
might me a faulty sysvinit so I upgraded to the latest version
2.63 - (from 2.57b - whaterver came with Slakware 3.0) but
the it seems like that did not solve the problem since it
appeard again today. Any clues where I should look? There
were no suspicious messges in /var/log/*.
I'm running all the stuff from Documentation/Changes.


(O) ^ ^ (O)
Marko Siladin | | | VCU, Dept. of Math. Science \ / Division of Computer Science

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