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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
In <> Bryn Paul Arnold Jones <> writes:

>It could just as easly load a second stage loader that know's some stuff
>about how to detect a vga display, how to put it in some basic graphic
>mode, and stick up a low res image up during boot, after which the kernel
>would reset it (from video.S or some such place, video.S could include code
>that resets the vga to textmode).

Wasn't someone working on a two stage boot loader to replace lilo? I
thought there was some discussion of that about 6 months ago. The
primary advantage of a second stage loader, besides being able to put
fancy pictures on screen, is that it eliminates the need to rerun lilo
every time you create a new kernel. Lilo only has to know where the
secondary boot loader is on the disk.

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