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SubjectLinux v2.0.0 MAKE menuconfig problems
	Hello Bill,

I recently built and installed Linux v2.0.0 from
I noticed some small problems with the *make menuconfig* program.

a. In the Main Menu the selection "Load an alternate
configuration File" has extra spaces between the
word "load" and "an". I know this is nit pickin.

b. In the Main Menu the selection "Save an alternate
configuration File" would be more clearer if it said,
"Save as an alternate configuration File". An extra word.

c. The real problem is when I save/load a file using the
shell bash I can't do the following.

-- I can't enter $HOME/file.cfg. It doesn't
read the environment variable $HOME.

-- I can't enter ~user/file.cfg. It doesn't
recognize the tilde following by a username.
The error is "Can't find the directory".

Also if I made a mistake or entered that stuff above
and then I change my mind whereby I don't want to
save/load a config file, I can't exit. I've tried
deleting all the characters such that the line
contains nothing and replacing the entry with
a space(s) to no avail. I must do ctrl-c to abort.

Other than this, I didn't have any other problems using menuconfig
to build Linux v2.0.0 with all available options.


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