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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Jamey Graham wrote:

> Explain to me exactly how one would go about doing it without completly
> freezing their system once the graphics viewer starts. It's not as
> simple as adding a line to an rc file. For your rc scripts to continue,
> the graphics viewer has to either exit (that's no good), or run in the
> background (unless there's a SVGA graphics viewer that will run like a
> daemon without a controlling tty). But SVGAlib (I think) needs the
> process running in the fg before it attempts any screen output. Then,
> if you do get the image to display, you have to be able to kill it in
> the end so you can get a login prompt.
> I'll stop here because this has nothing to do with the Linux kernel.

One possibility. I haven't looked closely at this support, but possibly
something to do with modules in ramdisk as supported by the newer lilo
releases. One could start running the module early in the boot process and
it could give up the console gracefully (one hopes :) when it was
removed late in the rc script process....

It'd certainly be an interesting project. :)


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