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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
In article <>,
Kevin Lentin <> wrote:
>Well, how much code does it take to get almost any PC into 320x200 mode? If
>lilo ignores the parameter for mda & cga, then aren't _all_ other cards
>compatible at 320x200 (ie same mode number, same method of activating, same
>memory mapping). There are graphical BIOSes out there now after all. [At
>least this is how I remember things. I believe I'm write. If I'm not, be
>gentle :-) ]
>As far as fitting is concerned, once you're in graphics mode with a single
>memory block to move the image into, it's the same amount of code (or the
>same code) to move the image onto the screen as to move the kernel into

Uhm, all VGA cards support redefining the character set right? So why don't
you just redefine the upper 64 characters and display them in a block
of 8x8. That way, you will still be in text mode and LILO and the kernel
can display all debugging messages they want. Ofcourse the kernel should
reset the characterset just before starting the first user process.

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