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> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Dyas <> writes:
> Tom> The thread regarding ET Technologies and its business
> Tom> practices in the Linux market and other commercial companies
> Tom> in the Linux market will stop now. The thread has turned into
> Tom> a flamefest. Any mesages posted to the thread will result in
> Tom> the poster going on my probation list. Any other posts by
> Tom> that same person will result in an immediate unsubscribe and
> Tom> ban.
> Tom> Tom and BPMFH
> Tom,
> please don't stop the thread.
> Lack of politeness apart, the issue behind it is very important... and
> since there is a technical/political issue in play (binary modules)
> personally i disregard the inapropriate posture of some/most of the
> participants.
> regards,
> Pedro.

The binary driver issue can continue. However, any flaming discussion should
stop. I probably targeted too much of the thread.


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