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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
WOOPS didnt finish the message - darn that Eudora! Heres the full one (in
its full glory ;)):
>>I thought about something like that, but either the rotation or
>>animation code would have to be in the kernel or it wouldn't be able
>>to do anything until the kernel starts init. I don't like the idea
>>of a lot of special purpose graphics code in the kernel.
> How bout this (thisis prob. a bad idea, but so what, let's hear YOU
contribute one ;)) - Figure out the procedure that is called the MOST during
bootup and add a little function to it, like
cycle_bootup_line_at_bottom_of_screen(), then, when the kernel is done
booting, nullify this procedure call in that function :)
> JMP $2
> cycle...screen()
>. Then after its done booting, say the address of the JMP instruction is

mov cs:0xC0000002, <OPCODE FOR "JMP $1">

Yea I know this looks dumb and blah blah but hey :)

The ShagSter

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