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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
Matt Hawkins Wrote ...
> > I was thinking more along the lines of an image= parameter in
> > lilo.conf so the image could be set to anything.
> Hate to sound stupid, but just how is lilo going to go about displaying
> graphical images? Are we going to put graphics support into lilo? Do
> you think that's going to fit into the MBR or superblock? And what about
> those ppl who don't use lilo?

Well, how much code does it take to get almost any PC into 320x200 mode? If
lilo ignores the parameter for mda & cga, then aren't _all_ other cards
compatible at 320x200 (ie same mode number, same method of activating, same
memory mapping). There are graphical BIOSes out there now after all. [At
least this is how I remember things. I believe I'm write. If I'm not, be
gentle :-) ]

As far as fitting is concerned, once you're in graphics mode with a single
memory block to move the image into, it's the same amount of code (or the
same code) to move the image onto the screen as to move the kernel into

People who don't use lilo? Don't get the image. Bummer.

It's a silly little fun idea which could probably be done with very little
code. You don't need svgalib built into lilo to do it :-)

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