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SubjectRe: Linux 2.0.0 fails to return Text File Busy for .so files
Paul Wouters <> wrote:
>But to get back on the procedure. Isn't it a lot easier then you describe?
>If you have /lib/ and you want to upgrade to version
>1.2.4, you can just move it into the same directory and run ldconfig. It
>will change the link for you to the newer version. No nasty and dangerous
>moving of files needed. If you're still paranoid, you can reboot just to
>make sure :)
Having upgraded to 2.0.0 from a Slackware 3.0 system I also installed the
new in /lib and ran ldconfig. No change from the previous
5.0.9? I then tried instead and that worked when running
ldconfig. Is there anything special to do when upgrading to
I can't find that there should be, anywhere in the documentation?

>Paul (Who almost did a make install on the new libc while compiling a new
> kernel and decided it wasn't worth the risk ;)
Chicken! ;-)


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