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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1 (colour bootup msgs)
> > "Lauri Tischler" <> writes:
> >
> > > Umm.. Howabout implementing a HTML interpreter into the kernel :) Then
> > > all bells and whistles were available.
> >
> > Yes! And with all the Netscape and Explorer extensions. Hell, we could
> > even make our own set of Linux extensions... Way cool!
> Uncle. UUUUUNCLE!!! I give, bwahahahahahhaa...... *THUMP*


C'mon now! I think we *all* know this means we need a
Windoesn't 0.95 emulator to help make this all smoother (and larger).
Gotta depend on that Industry Standard.

Its about time.

Okay.. I'll back off a bit.. make it a loadable module.
[...hundreds of little e-*THUMP*s echo echo through the internet..]

OH YEAH! What about the kernel-internal spell-corrector I've always wanted?!
Seventy languages!? BLEEP YEAH! Now we're on track!! Let's get it done by 97!

- minion of the Great Bill (or Great Purchase Invoice.. whatever)


C'mon now. You guys can't foist this obnoxious kernel on the world without
making it 8 megabytes or more! We (oop) ^H^H^H^H^H^H Those chipmakers need
their yacht parties!


Thanx Lauri. Really :).


Howzabout putting minor obscurosity codes on the screen that get colorized
and/or re-output after a few small user processes can be started?

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